The Harmony Series: Fantasy For Readers Who Think

I write science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. My Harmony series is written in the style of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern stories. 

On the planet Harmony, colonists have chosen to forego the use of technology in favor of living closer to Nature. What they didn’t anticipate was that this choice would lead them to develop psychic powers and an unprecedented relationship with their new planet. Ultimately, their culture and values face extermination at the hands of their home planet, Haven. Will this enlightened and unique society be obliterated, or will their ideals spread to other planets?

My passion is the mastery of focused intuition, so much of my fantasy writing revolves around themes having to do with intuition, psychic abilities and conscious manifestation. Moreover, I love exploring the connection between human beings and their natural environment in unique and interesting ways. The fantasy series Harmony will get you thinking about choices we are making here on earth and what their consequences may be.

Short Stories

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